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How I Keep a Commonplace Book

     Commonplace books are a great tool for self-education. They can help one to think over and reflect on what has been read, and to remember instead of hurrying through too fast. I find I get much more out of my reading this way.

      Now that my reading time isn’t just during nursing or in bed before going to sleep, I have started to keep a few of these commonplace books (Some of my reading is still reading in bed, so I don’t use a commonplace book for every book I am reading.).

     I say a few because I usually have several books going at the same time, and I would rather have all my quotes, notes, and thoughts on the same book all together instead of mixed around with different books.

     I am using regular notebooks, because they are affordable, and because sometimes my littles get ahold of things.

     Currently I prefer these bound notebooks to the spiral bound, which tends to get bent up making it harder to use. I still use both, and haven’t used the bound versions long enough to know how they will hold up.

     For quotes, I use a black gel pen. For my own thoughts and responses, I use another color. Usually whichever color I feel like using at the time.

     Even though I don’t read as much this way,  I find that using a commonplace book helps me to get more out of my reading. This is a habit that I would like to continue on with.


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