Week 5: Goodnight Moon

Last week was Goodnight Moon. 

Some extra books we used for this unit.

We noticed that the mouse and kittens are not always in the same location from page to page in Goodnight Moon, something we had not noticed other times we did this unit. The children had fun looking for Mr. Mouse, and seeing what the kittens were doing.

In our literature basket, we finished the Eloise Wilkin Treasury, and Read Aloud Bible Stories volume 1.
We replaced them with volume 2 and another treasury.

We have started using this to record our nature observations, the firsts happenings of the year, and what we notice as the seasons change.

A big happening this week was when Papa brought home this sweetheart. Meet Sophie, a Lab/Pyrenees mix, and the newest member of the homestead.

We had a couple of days with temperatures in the fifties. The children enjoyed collecting hickory nuts, and Sparky loaded them into his pickup.


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