Week 2

This week we took a break from Before Five in a Row.

Every week we focus on 4 songs. From week to week, we only change out 1 of the songs. For Little Contenders, Instead of learning Yeshua Loves Me, I have chose 3 verses of Praise Him, Praise Him. This is the only song that doesn’t get rotated out. My goal is to give my children a love of singing, and to familiarize them enough with several songs, so that they will be able to sing whenever they feel like it.

This weeks songs:

  • Praise Him, Praise Him
  • Yahweh’s Army
  • I have the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy
  • Army Song (Sparky’s current favorite)

We finished up the first unit (counting from 1-5) in Preschool Math. Next week we will begin unit 2: Counting from 1-10.

Blossom finished her first workbook this week.

This weeks baskets:

  • Math
  • Preschool Activities #1
  • Wooden Puzzles


  1. Making popovers. I think the recipe is missing a leavening agent, so I am going to improvise and we will try it again next week.
  2. Watercolor painting. I prefer using liquid watercolors instead of cakes for little ones. The crayola 5 set brushes hold up well to hard use compared to other cheap brushes, and I have been impressed with this watercolor paper. 

  3. Circle Games on a plate. 
  4. Learning to apply glue with a q-tip. 
  5. Art Baskets: gel crayons. 
  6. Artistic Pursuits: Modeling with dough. Making snakes. 

Blossom received a play kitchen this week for her birthday from my parents. Both children have been enjoying it. Next week their should be pots and pans coming from John’s mom.


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