New and Improved Preschool Schedule

In last weeks school post, I mentioned that we would be starting a new routine for preschool this week. After reading the book, Teaching From Rest, I feel like I understand different scheduling methods better. 

In wanting to expose my children to a wide variety of experiences and ideas, I have struggled to figure out how to fit it all together in a logical way. Instead of the typical daily schedule, I am dividing our days into some typical daily activities, and a few loop scheduals. I feel like this is going to be a good fit for us for this year.

We do our Before Five in a Row unit each day as well as a two poems, a literature selection not related to our unit, and a Bible story.

We have a baby Einstein DVD, and most days either a Spanish or Hebrew Little Pim DVD. While doing art, or some other project I play some classical or instrumental music. During chore time, or play time I play a Wee Sing cd, to energize the work time, or dance with the children during play. Sparky has a five minute math game each day also. We sing about four songs, and go through our memory work.

Our current poetry selections. With the Thinking Tree book we read the same poem everyday for the week.

Our current Bible story book, and literature collection

This is Sparky’s Math program.

Every other day we have basket time with a themed basket of activities. The in between days we work in some of our workbooks.

Our current basket rotation:

  • Preschool activities 1
  • Rubber puzzles
  • Letters
  • Math
  • Preschool activities in a bag 1
  • Wooden puzzles
  • Numbers
  • Preschool activities 2
  • Engineering
  • Preschool activities in a bag 2
  • Clay and dough

Sparky has started the rod and staff workbook series, and finished the first book.

Some new workbooks we have added to his basket

Blossom has some workbooks of her very own now. 

Our loop schedule consists of six days, because Sparky seems to need some structured activities to help him stay out of trouble. Day six on Friday is a light day, with most things they can do on their own.


  • Nature
  • Planned art project


  • Life Skills
  • Art Appreciation


    • Plants Grown Up (character)
    • Artistic Pursuits The Way They See it (art instruction)


      • Cooking 
      • Nature walk


        • Little Contenders 
        • Music Instruction


          • Science (Tinker Lab and Recipes for Play)
          • Art basket (free choice)

            For the Sabbath, we have Bible stories, coloring books, and coloring and activity pages.

            I apologize that some of these pictures are dark and fuzzy. I have difficulty sometimes getting my phone to take good photos.


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