Preparing for Sukkot with We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Our book this week was, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, with a focus on the themes of family, and the story of the Exodus journey.

Since we are preparing for Sukkot, this was perfect timing for explaining what the feast is all about, and how the children of Israel lived in tents in the wilderness.

Other books we read this week

One day this week we went outside for out reading, and acted out the story of going on a bear hunt. At least we did as much as we could with a boy with an active imagination, and a toddler who really doesn’t know what we are trying to do.

We brought along our dogs, and Sparky brought a bag of who knows what.

Sparky thought this path was a much better selection for a trapse through the mud, than the dirt hole I had picked; so we adjusted our route to accommodate.

At this point, Lou Lou, our real dog joined us.

We headed inside for the cave, and ran back out when we found the bears.

As we hurried back home we realized that not only were we running from the bears, but that blossom decided one was coming with us right into the house, into the bed, and under the covers.

Sparky decided this week that he needed to pack up his own truck for Sukkot.

Sparky completed another workbook this week. Near the end of this one we added scissors and glue to his tool box. So far these books have been very easy for him, which is why he goes through them so quickly.

He started this next one, and it is a little more difficult for him. I think the level of challenge is just right. He has slowed down a bit now.

This is the last book in the four volume study time preschool set. 


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