Bible journaling Part 5: Tools & Techniques

I have found certain tools, and techniques to be the most helpful in my Bible Journaling/studying journey.

I use this six micron Bible marking kit for marking in my regular quiet time pocket Bible. The black pen is great for notes in my journaling Bible. The other colors seem too wet for notes, as they bleed through. I haven’t had a problem with using them for underlining in my pocket Bible. So I’m not sure why they bleed through the journaling Bible pages.

Soft core prismacolor colored pencils are a must for me. They are great for marking words during inductive study, color coding, and small illustrations. I love their blending properties. Being soft core, they will not tear or leave indentions even on the thin paper of non-journaling Bibles.

Two things that I have done, is to make small illustrations for word studies, so at a glance I can remember what those words mean and the effect they had on me, when I read the passage again. This picture is from a word study on commit from Psalm 37.

The second was to illustrate a Psalm in such a way that I could visualize it and memorize it. For this I made small illustrations for every couple verses in Psalm 1, but any grouping such as paragraphs could be done as well.

Something else I have tried is the scrapbooking style of Bible journaling in a planner. I’ll show you some of that in my next post in this series.


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