Learning About Prayer, Thankfulness for blessings, and More

This weeks Before Five in a Row book, Prayer for a child, and the other books we read along with it

A couple activities we skipped this time around due to the busyness of getting ready for the fall feasts, were making butter and ice cream.

There are lots of buttons in the illustrations in Prayer for a Child.  The children enjoyed playing with large buttons, sorting by color and shape, and stringing them.

Pipe cleaners are much easier for little hands, then craft lace. Blossom needed assistance putting the buttons on the lanyard.

Here Blossom decided to put one button per pipe cleaner.

She eventually tried doing several on the same one.


In his  Little Contenders Handbook, Sparly  earned his Little Readers silver award (We still have to order it.).  When he learns to read, and completes the requirements himself, he will earn the gold award.

Here are the books we used to meet his requirements.

Sparky has recently begun drawing pictures instead of just abstract designs. Here is one he did this week of a vase of flowers with sea shells around it. This picture was modeled after my bridal bouquet and hangs on display in the living room.

The model


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