What’s In Our Preschool Learning Baskets: Fall 2017

Each child has their own basket for workbooks, coloring, and doodling. As much as possible, I have tried to color coordinate all their supplies, so they know who’s is who’s. 

Usually we don’t work in our workbooks everyday, though the children are free to use their notebooks, and coloring books whenever they get the urge. When we work in their books, they like to choose which ones to do first or even to just work in one book doing several pages, or a few pages from each book.

They each have a pencil box with beeswax crayons and jumbo pencils. Blossoms crayons are loose, since she has difficulty with the crayon storage container.

They each also have a notebook for doodles, and to save mama’s notebooks.

Blossom usually get Sparky’s old workbooks to color in since she isn’t quite ready for her own yet.

She has two of her own books: Ember’s Favorite Things to Color (from the Thinking Tree), and a Dover farm coloring book.

Sparky’s current workbooks:

His coloring books:

The purple basket houses our Before Five in a Row books for the week, as well as any other books we are currently reading together. We use this basket five days a week, and most weeks we use it six days. The children love reading time, and beg for it even when it isn’t a school day.

The fourth basket is for our extras. Things we might do a few times a week, or only once a week. Sometimes it holds books that we use in conjunction with an activity basket (I’ll talk about those in a future post.).

In the near future, I’d like to show you our themed preschool activity baskets, book time and screen time baskets, and my mom school baskets.


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