Learning How to Treat Others and Art Projects

This week our theme has been treating others with kindness, along with a mini theme on shadows.

Our BFIAR book was, If Jesus Came to My House. I thought the themes in this book, based on doing for others being as if we did it to Messiah, made it worth using even though doctrinally it hints at things we disagree with (I just left those sections out of our reading.).

Some of the other books we used along with it

The children enjoyed experimenting with some new art supplies from grandma this week. They used their new smocks with homemade finger paints. Blossom wasn’t sure about it at first, but eventually got into it. Sparky dove right in. They also made designs with circle labels (Blossom has difficulty with stickers ripping when she takes them off the sheet. These are much easier for her to handle.), and Sparky enjoyed his new glitter glue while Blossom napped.


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