Bible Journaling Part 4: My Guidlines

  • In her book, Illuminated Journaling (which I reviewed in part 3 of this series), Jann Gray encourages setting guidelines for one’s Bible journaling. These are the guidelines that I have chosen for myself on this journey.
  • Since I originally purchased my journaling Bible to use as a study Bible, I am going to still use it for inductive study
  • In keeping with this purpose, I will limit any art work to illustrations to assist with memorizing and word studies.
  • If I desire to illustrate farther, I will use a sketchbook or other separate journal to do so.
  • I will continue to experiment with other tools, techniques, and methods, such as journaling in a planner and learning lettering, to find what works best for me.

      A couple of pictures illustrating my guidelines

      An example from journaling in a planner

      In the next post for this series, I’d like to show you what tools I’ve found helpful. I would also like to discuss journaling in a planner in the near future.


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