Bible Journaling Part 3: Another Book Review 


I really, really enjoyed reading Illuminated Journaling by Jann Grey. I almost did not get this book because of the negative reviews, but I’m so glad I did. 

While Jann does not focus so much on techniques, she does stress the spiritual aspects of Bible journaling, which really resonated with me. From the first page I knew this book was for me.

In the very beginning the big question is addressed: Is Bible journaling appropriate. Jann encourages each person to pray about it, and ask the Father how He feels. She makes it clear that Bible journalers do not want to “treat it lightly or with any disrespect, ” and that this may not be for everyone. A 21 day experiment is recommended beginning with special journaling assignments at the end of each chapter if you aren’t sure if Bible journaling is for you.

Next she walks you through setting guidelines for your journaling. One thing that really stuck out to me in this section was, “I do not add art into my Journaling Bible just for the sake of art.”

When we see something we remember it easier. The next section discusses why this is so, and how it applies to Journaling and memorizing passages.

Chapter 4, “An Invitation to Tarry,” was my favorite part of this book. Its all about how Bible Journaling gives us ample opportunity to meditate and really soak in the Scripture, and then responding to it in a visual way through art.

The rest of the book starts to get into the practical aspects such as how to get started, developing your personal style, what if you aren’t a creative person, as well as some basic techniques and pointer.

In the back is a six page gallery, some templates for tracing (7 pages), and my favorite – a template to use for scetching out your designs.

I really appreciated the respect for the Word that came across in Jann’s writing. She gave me a new perspective on the topic of Bible journaling.

I don’t have it all planned out yet, but in the next parts (part 4 through however many I do), I would like to talk about my personal response to what I’ve learned and how I’m applying it in my life, as well as some technical aspects such as methods, tools, and techniques.


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