Bible Journaling Part 2: Book review


Note: I apologize for the blurry pictures. I really struggle sometimes to get good pictures with my phone.

Based on the reviews for The Complete Guide to Bible journaling, by Joanne Fink and Regina Yoder, I was expecting more than what is actually in this book. To be honest I was disappointed with it.

It is mostly artist profiles from the field of Bible journaling. This is great along with the gallery section if you are looking for ideas and inspiration, but I would have preferred more practical instruction.

I felt the book was lacking in the technique section. While I did pick up some tips, it was not as thorough as I had expected. There is a two page spread on each technique and tool category, except for watercolors, rubber stamping, and tracing and drawing which have four pages each. There are five pages devoted to lettering, and six to layout and design. It is basically a broad overview without going in depth. 

The techniques covered are: Tracing and drawing, painting with different medias, colored pencils, prepping the pages, stamps, washi tape, stickers and die cuts, and lettering.

There is also a short introductory section covering what Bible journaling is, starting out, and how to choose a journaling Bible. In the back is  a list of suggested resources, and a bonus section.

The bonus section is where the real worth of this book lies, at least in my opinion. I have already put to good use the designs you can trace or cut out to use as die cuts, stickers, and the vellum designs to trace.

What I liked about the artist profiles and gallery, was seeing all the different styles, and that not everyone does Bible journaling in a Bible. Some people do wall art, and others do it in scetchbooks.

The second book I read was much more promising.

To be continued…


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