Bible Journaling Part 1: Introduction

I stumbled upon Bible journaling while I was searching for a new study Bible in March. As a visual person, I was intrigued, but also turned off at what some people did in the pages of their Bibles. Another turn off was the money making behind all the products specifically for Bible journaling.

I let this idea sit for awhile, and got a Journaling Bible for my birthday. I liked it because of the wide, lined margins. I didn’t get the kind with coloring designs in it. 

A while later, I was in invited to take part in an online class on Psalm 119, learning how to do Bible journaling in a planner (similar to scrapbooking, but done digitally). I jumped on it, since this isn’t done in my Bible.

Experiencing how interacting with the text in this visual way helped me to meditate, and remember what I learned, caused me to become more curious about this whole Bible journaling movement. I was intrigued, but still didn’t like what I saw online where people cover the whole page with art, even to the point that you can’t read the words.

Now, I have made small illustrations to help me memorize a passage or to help me remember the meaning of words in the original languages, but what I was seeing online looked so inappropriate. To me it seemed disrespectful.

Still I wanted to learn more. I ordered a couple of books on the subject: The Complete Guide to Bible journaling, Joanne Fink & Regina Yoder and Illuminated Journaling, Jann Grey.

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “Bible Journaling Part 1: Introduction

  1. I started bible journaling a few months ago and I had some of the same concerns as you did. For me it has helped me grow a lot closer to God because while I journal it gives me time to spend thinking and praying about the verse I’m journaling. I’m looking forward to part 2 🙂


    1. Thank you. We live in the backwoods, so how quickly I can get the next post up depends on our Internet connection. Sometime I can do several posts in a week and other times it takes days to get one to successfully upload. Part 2 is in the works. I’m hung up right now trying to get my pictures to upload.

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