Mom School

Summer Time Mom School

Hot summer afternoons are perfect for getting out my mom schooling journal. Lately I haven’t worked in it much. Last week I started getting it out when its too hot to do much else. I am using the Coffee Time Quiet Time journal.

Psalm 37

Listening & taking notes: Bible Journaling in a Planner, Robbin Sampson. I’ll be writing a post on this topic in the near future.

Sparky was delighted to find this same picture in his Ember’s Coloring book, and color it along side me. He chose the scarf colors for me.

I have a lot of gel pens. What usually happens is that I run out of browns, yellows, and greens. Then I get another set, but the other colors build up. I’ve put some of the colors I have the most of in a bag. Other than the gold, yellow, and brown on the balloons, I tried to use only pens from this bag on the next few pages. Sometimes Sparky chose the colors for me (He likes watching me, and enjoys when I let him interact with what I am doing.), and other times I chose them.

Proverbs 3

I really had fun with these clouds.

And, surprise! My mom just recently surprised me with a new Thinking Tree book, Mom Files. I’m enjoying reading and looking through it. I tend to read randomly in this one instead of cover to cover.


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