Favorite Housekeeping Resources

     Since having children, I have struggled with housekeeping, especially cleaning. I don’t do well with all the distractions and interruptions. I work best when I can stay focused on a task until it is finished. While that is impossible at this stage of my life, I have found certain resources to be a huge help in my struggle to get my house back under control. Though I am still far from my goal, I do see progress.

     Here is my current list of go to resources:

     I refer to the Wellness Mama blog sometimes several times a week. I used to do web searches for information. Her blog came up so often in the search results, that now I like to check there first. My most recent finds were on laundry soap, making my own washing soda from baking soda, and soaking nuts. 


     Two books I use all the time for making cleaning supplies, and other miscellaneous items are Simply Clean by Lisa Barthuly, and The Organically Clean Home by Becky Rapinchuk.

     For household management, I really like using the pocket planners from the Thinking Tree. I previously did a series on my experience using them.

      How to Manage Your Home Without Loosing Your Mind, Dana K. White, is a funny, but true to reality read on developing habits for keeping up with housekeeping, and a whole down to earth section on making organizating work for you. This book revolutionized my organization methods (I have written about that in a previous post.).

Clean by Becky Rapinchuk is what I’m currently working through. I’ve read the book, and am trying to implement this system. Its great for this time in my life when motherhood can be overwhelming at times, and I can’t keep up with every bit of cleaning there is to do. This system at least helps keep the chaos at bay, and helps me feel like I am getting somewhere.


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