From the Workbasket

Sewing Basket Set

     This set consists of a pincushion, needle book, and a scissors holder. I improvised on some of the instructions and supplies.

     For the cording, I crocheted a chain with cream pear cotton and crochet hook. The beads are double the size called for in the pattern. I could only find the correct size in a large package for triple the price. Sewing these on normally looked awkward, so I added seseveral more stitches around each bead to look more like flower centers.

     One thing I would do different next time is to use a thinner felt (I used thick felt for the pieces because the colors I wanted weren’t available in the thinner sheets.) for the page of the needlecase, and then I would have sewn it to the lining before blanket stitching the front and lining together (This is one place I should have not followed the instructions, but did.).

     For the pincushion, I used fluffed up cotton in place of fiber fill. Instead of cutting out a plastic circle to put inside the bottom, I used a scrap piece of foam leftover from one of Sparky’s preschool projects. 


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