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Warm Weather Fun and Sparky’s First Bike

     This past week was eventful from the children’s perspective. They received late birthday presents from Grandpa and Grandma R., just in time for warm weather.

     This water table is now on the porch so I can keep an eye on things from the window. Water is like therapy for Sparky. It has always helped relax him since he was a baby. The two sections in this table help keep fighting to a minimum. 

     In the morning they can hardly wait for it to get warm enough for water play. Then they play off and on throughout the day in it. I never have to empty the water so far. The challenge is keeping enough water inside of the basins.

     Sparky received an orange motorcycle. Or at least that is what he calls it as he rides around making motor sounds.

     Ever since he saw children riding bikes at the feast, Sparky has talked about having one of his own. This was his dream come true.

     Papa helped him get it put together, adjust the seat and handlebars, and put air in the tires. While sitting on the seat so papa could figure out the proper handle bar height, Sparky made the comment that the wheels weren’t doing anything. I think he had the impression that bikes went on their own.

     This is a balance bike, so there are no pedals and no training wheels. Sparky wasn’t ready for pedaling, and we didn’t want to set him up for over frustration. 

     He’s doing well practicing making his bike go forward, and learning to balance. He feels like a big kid now.


2 thoughts on “Warm Weather Fun and Sparky’s First Bike

  1. Aw. So cute. They are growing up way too fast. They were so little when we moved away, it just does not seem possible for them to be this big already. I need to finish the baby quilt that I started for Sparky, but I have a feeling that by the time I get it finished he will probably be too big for it. Then I still have to do one for his sister and she will probably be too big for it by the time it is finished.
    They are growing too fast.

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  2. OMGosh the water basin toy is amazing! There is nothing better than dirt + water=mud and fun! The smiles on their faces say it all! Sparky looks like he loves his first bike! Grandparents are the absolute best! They are growing up fast!

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