B-day Present: Journaling Bible

     John gave me this ESV single column, large print journaling Bible for my birthday. I love the wide, lined margins.

     While I’m not into all this Bible journaling using your Bible to do art and scrapbooking, I do like to make simple illustrations to help me memorize, or reinforce what I’ve learned. I also like to have space to put in lots of notes, word studies, and cross references. In other words making my own personal study Bible.

     The print in this Bible is small for large print, so I do not recommend the regular size addition. Here it is compared to an ESV large print Bible.

     I’m using prismacolor softcore colored pencils for marking for inductive Bible study, and illustrations. For notes, and illustrations, I’ve found the micron Bible study pen set to work well. In a few places I’ve also used Lollize gel pens. One to write on an illustration because my micron pen did not work on top of colored pencil, and another to circle a verse number. The gel pens tend to show through to the other side, even though the paper in a journaling Bible is thicker then regular Bible paper. For this reason, try to stick with just using the micron pens for writing.

     I am currently working on finishing up the Bible Study for Busy Mamas: 30 days in Psalm 37 (Its taken me more then 30 days.), and a mini study of Psalm 1 by Pam Forster on Instagram. Then I plan to do another study in the Bible Study for Body Mamas series.


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