From the Workbasket

Quilting Baby Quilts

     The past few weeks I’ve taken a break from knitting to finish up the children’s baby quilts, before they outgrow them. This redwork quilt was started long before Sparky came along. I tried very hard to finish it before Blossom was born, but still had a small amount of quilting left to do. This is the first I’ve gotten it back out since she was born.

     The embroidery patterns are from the Redwork Penny Squares Kit, by Hope Chest Legacy (unfortunately no longer in business). I purchased the red and blue fabrics to finish the quilt top, and for the backing. While red borders and backing were recommended in the instructions to finish the quilt, the blue blocks were my own addition to the pattern. I wanted a bigger quilt then it originally would have been.

     Everything on this quilt was done by hand: hand embroidery, hand piecing, and hand quilting. Instead of purchasing bias tape for the binding, I used leftover blue fabric from the blocks to make my own.

     Thankfully, even at 3, Sparky is still small enough to use this quilt. At nap time he enjoys running his hand over the embroidered pictures as he relaxes to fall asleep.

     This second quilt is a multi-generational quilt. My mother bought the fabric, designed the pattern, and started it for one of her own babys. She did the appliqué, and pieced the blocks by machine, but didn’t get the quilt finished. She gave me the pattern, fabric, and blocks after sparky was born. I added the borders to finish the quilt top near the end of my pregnancy with blossom. To keep things consistent throughout, I also used the sewing machine.

     I am using this flower embroidery pattern from the penny squares kit as a pattern to hand quilt a motif in each of the blank squares. I’m still working on determining exactly how I want to quilt the rest of her quilt.


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