Cleaning and Declutering for Passover

     I recently read How to Manage Your Home Without Loosing Your Mind, by Dana K. White. This was a perfect read for getting the house ready for Passover.

     The first part of the book focuses on developing cleaning habits, and a weekly cleaning schedule. I didn’t particularly find this section helpful other then confirming I was on the right track focusing on the biggies of dishes, meals, and laundry when life with littles happens.

     The last half of the book was a game changer for me. I’ve struggled with clutter and organization challenges ever since Sparky was born.

     Most of the trouble was that in their eagerness to help, my little’s curiosity would get the best of them, and they would start getting into everything.

     Using the principles in this book has changed all that. I no longer sort everything into piles, or declutter and organize at the same time. I start with the easy stuff: pull out and throw away the garbage, put what I already know I don’t want or need in a box to donate, and put away what already has a home but is out of place (one at a time, with no sorting).

     The results: one of my kitchen cabinets organized itself, just by my pulling out what I could donate. I’ve sent John to the thrift store with the back of the car filled with boxes to donate, and I’ve got three more filled boxes waiting for the next trip. All this in the last two weeks.

     I also did a small bit of organizing, by packing away winter coats, and extra blankets. My focus has mostly been on the decluttering tasks.

     Even without doing much organizing, my house feels much more breathable with all the clutter I’ve gotten rid of. In the next several weeks I want to move on to more organizing tasks, probably after unleavened bread, while continuing to purge the clutter.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning and Declutering for Passover

  1. Just finished my Passover / Unleavened bread cleaning in the house! Whew always nice to clean as I go! Sarah…praying that you and John have a blessed Passover!


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