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Sparky Turns 3

      Last Wednesday, Sparky turned 3. I still remember all the details of the Sabbath he was born. After that the past 3 years with a high need baby/toddler have been a blur.

     As with other high need youngsters, things started changing a little before his birthday. It finally feels like the high need roller coaster is starting to slow just a bit. Sparky now will get himself busy with something and be absorbed in what he is doing (I just have to make sure he has things to do that aren’t too easy or too difficult a challenge for him.). His impulsive curiosity still gets him into trouble from time to time, but not as much.

     He is becoming quite the helper, as I can give him a task to do and not have to help him the whole time. This past Friday he picked up the floors mostly by himself well I washed the dishes.

     In honor of the blessing Sparky is to our family, he got to choose a special meal. He wanted pizza and strawberry coconut milk ice cream. I made the pizza with a Trim Healthy Mama crust.

     Sparky received some challenging activities from his grandparents and aunts. He had requested puzzles, and a truck sticker book. He also received some preschool books.


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