From the Workbasket · Homemaking

Changing Gears

Now that the weather is officially heading into spring, I’m trying to finish up my knitting projects before the heat hits for the summer. 

My focus will be gradually changing over to gardening projects. I’m finding it hard to get excited about gardening this year. Usually I can’t wait to get started. I think that right now I’m just very tired out and maybe my excitement will follow as I get started.

Last year I watched gardening going on, and helped Sparky plant some sunflowers. With a colicy infant, I left the gardening to John, even though I badly wanted to join in.

What I did manage to do, was make a compost bin, and gather up old hay, and leaves, as well as adding kitchen scraps to it. This year I’ll have some compost to use and share with John. 

John is still going to be managing the main garden, and has been already planting the spring vegetables. I’m planning to try managing a small area.

Current Knitting Projects:

Finishing the fingers on the last of John’s pair of gloves

Finishing a shawl I started for myself last fall

Sparky requested a sweater he saw in one of my books. I’ll start it and take a break during the summer, pick it up again in September, and hopefully have it done in time for a Sukkot present. He chose blue, blue -green, and a pinkish orange for the colors. I’ll be doing a striped basket weave pattern.


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