My New Planner: Weeks 4&5

With Blossom’s sleep regression, I’ve accepted that during this time, I won’t be able to work on the cleaning and organizing projects. I’ve managed to keep washing two windows a week (Soon I will be running out of windows.), but have mostly focused on keeping up with the basics. The good news is that Blossom is starting to sleep better, so this phase should be over soon.

This week I actually missed using the planner for a few days. I had been fighting a nasty cold that suddenly morphed into mastitis, after a rough night with Blossom. I’m on the mend now. Thankfully it was a mild case and only lasted a couple days.

As for my goals, time with Sparky has been inconsistent lately with my being sick, and Blossom so cranky. I really need to focus on giving him some more attention this week. His behavior is telling me that he is feeling the lack of it.

I’ve also managed to get back into Psalm 37 for about five or six days. Hoping this week will be even better.

I’ve decided to make this my last planner post until the end of using it for ninety days. I’m roughly a little over a quarter of the way through it. After the ninety days I’ll do a wrap up post of how I think this planner has helped me.


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