Mom School

Mom Schooling Challenge 2017: Week 4

This week I didn’t do much mom school, other then a little reading. My littles have been needing much more of me this week. While it has left me drained, tired, and overwhelmed, I’m looking forward to better days ahead.

I read the last chapter in Cut Your Grocery Bill in half (chapter 2 on planning menus and shopping. I did not read the chapters in order.).

I would like to attempt several projects in this chapter. Maybe this week I can get to one or two.

  • Making a price book
  • Making a master shopping list
  • Making a list by month of what is in season and what goes on sale
  • Make a list menues for different food categories and a list of side dishes

In Grading with a Purple Crayon, I read chapters 6-8. The sections on writing clearly and with more complex sentences convinced me of my need of grammar review. I was specifically struggling to follow along when clauses where discussed and need to understand better how to use semicolons. I’ve decided to add Easy Grammar Plus, Wanda C. Phillips to my book list.

I have chosen to read The World of Pooh: The Complete Winnie-The-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner, A.A. Milne for my literature course. Thanks mom for sending this book for the children.

On the Sabbath I did some coloring while John played with the children. Blossom tried to assist me with the verse page, as can be seen in the picture.


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