Mom School

Mom School Challenge 2017: Week 3

This week I did not have as much down time to work in my journals. I did do two pages, got in some reading time in bed, and knitted while outside with the children on nice days.

What I did this week:


 I started the first few pages of the alkalizing journal mentioned in last weeks post.

Family Relationships:

 I finished the study guide for trigger #2 back talk.

Family Finances:

I read Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half, chapters 4-6. There is only one chapter left to go, but it is chalk full of projects I’d like to try out.

I wrote a kitchen wishlist to put in the budget to save towards.

Study Skills:

 I finished The Learning Book, reading chapters 6-11.


I read part 1 of chapter 5 in A Simply Homemade Clean, on vinegar.

Then I put together vinegar cleaning stations for the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. I used to just have them in the bathroom but my cleaners would migrate to other areas of the house. It takes too much time to track down what I need when I need it. 

I soaked the shower head in a vinegar baking soda solution to disolve mineral build up (we have hard water.).


In The Principles of Knitting, I read chapter 3 – Increases.

I finished the first fingerless glove and started on the ribbing for the second one.

The hand section finished and ready to pick up stitches for the thumb

Thumb stitches picked up and ready to work

Working the thumb



I reviewed part one of The Reader’s Odyssey, and read part 2. Now to put it into practice with my first selection.


 Isaiah 40:31

I studied Proverbs 13.

In Victory Over the Darkness, I did chapter 4 book & study guide.

I read Raising Real Men, chapter 4.

I finished study #3 in Beauty and the Pig.

I read Inductive Bible Study, appendix A & B, and chapters 3-10. While it looks like a lot, most of these chapters had 3-4 pages.


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