My New Planner: Week 3

     This past week was rough, and did not go as well as the previous weeks. I was not very successful with my goals, except for using the planner. One day, I didn’t even want to use it. I was drained and didn’t want to face what needed to be done.

     My youngest (14months) has suddenly become extremely clingy, and isn’t sleeping well. I think she is having a sleep regression, so getting a breather has been near impossible.

     Thankfully we have had a few days of beautiful weather, and I could take the children outside. The fresh air was good for all of us.

     Several days this week I only accomplished one of my four tasks. Mostly on necessary days. 

     I tried an experiment to do two necessary and two important on the same days. It made me feel like I was accomplishing more because of Blossom’s neediness, but it was harder than just focusing on one area for that day.

     I think it will help me get more done during Blossom’s sleep regression. When it is over I want to go back to focused days. 

     I am still trying to figure out how to get back into Psalm 37. I was doing it during nap time, but since Blossom keeps waking up almost as soon as I put her down; it just isn’t working anymore.


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