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Mom School Challenge 2017: Week 2

     I got my planner/organizer, and book I was waiting on (The Learning Book, David L. Farmer, B.S., M.Ed.), along with the PDF updates for the How to Homeschool booklet. My mom also sent a couple other things she printed out for me (I don’t have a printer or internet access. I do everything I can from my smart phone.), that I’m going to add to my reading plans: The Tyranny of the Urgent, and The Green Lemonade Mama’s Alkalizing Diet Handbook and Journal.

     I’m using the planner to help me coordinate all the different aspects of my day along with mom school. It is helping me coordinate using my journal, my reading, and related activities.

     I did not get to doing anything in the How to Homeschool booklet this week. I did a quarter of an art lesson, a coloring page, and a few pages in my Coffee Time journal.

Study Skills:

The Learning Book – Introduction through the first 5 chapters

Family Relationships:

Triggers – chapter 2 & the first part of the study guide

Animal Husbandry:

Story’s Guide to Raising Sheep  Lambing chapter


Grading With a Purple Crayon – chapter 5, Fundamental Purposes

I listed the 7 types of level 1 essays with examples for future reference.

Family Finances:

America’s Cheapest Family – Last 2 chapters

We already have a family budget set up, so I worked on a budget for the areas I am responsible for with my allowance: mine and the children’s clothing, school books & supplies, things for the house, and my personal goals.

Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half – chapters 7, 9, & 11 (I’m skipping around in this one.)


The Tyranny of the Urgent

A Simply Homemade Clean – chapters 1-4

I made a list of what I need for the basic cleaning kit, cleaned out my cleaning shelf, gathered up what supplies I already had, and ordered a couple more essential oils (sweet orange and rose). I still need a few basics from town such as spray bottles and measuring cups.


The Principles of Knitting – chapter 3 part one

I worked on these fingerless mitts to match the hat I made John earlier this winter. I finished the ribbing and worked the thumb gusset. I’m ready to finish the hand and then come back to do the thumb.

Thumb gusset is on the left

From the top

Close up

I did not get to my literature book this week.


 I studied the contrast between the righteous and the wicked in Proverbs 12. There are lots of vereses about speech and diligence in this chapter.

Raising Real Men – chapter 3

Victory Over the Darkness – chapter 3 & and study guide lesson

Inductive Bible Study – chapters 1 & 2

I forgot to list the study Beauty and the Pig last week as one if the books I’m using. I don’t work on this one every week, and did not get to it this time.

Coloring pages 


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