My New Planner: Week 2

     This week I did not journal about how each day went with using my planner. Instead I made some observations about how it was going, saw patterns, and worked on tweaking the way I was using it.

     Writing down just 4 important or necessary things to focus on each day has made it very plain which areas of life get neglected when I can’t do all four items. This was a clear pattern that showed me why these areas eventually become fires to put out. Now I am trying to be more balanced in which areas get pushed aside when I don’t get each thing done by prioritizing the 4 items.

     I am not a morning person. I’ve found that writing down my plans first thing in the morning results in sometimes writing the wrong tasks. I tried doing it the night before, but found that the weather forecast would change when I wanted to do something outside with the children, or fussy toddlers made it hard to accomplish what I had planned to do.

     I’ve chosen to wait until I am fully awake, and my head clear before I decide on the day’s plans. That way I can also evaluate the weather, and what kind of day it is going to be with the children.

     I think the biggest change this week was trying to focus on large projects by breaking them up into small tasks. I’m a perfectionist, and it is hard to do a job if I know I am not going to have enough time to finish it.

     I’ve chosen two projects to break up this way. One a cleaning job, and the other an area to organize. First it is cleaning the windows. I’m doing two a week on whichever day is the warmest (We’ve been having a couple days a week that are in the fifties and sixties.). On another day, I’m tackling the cobwebs in one room. 

     For my organization project I’m working on the China hutch. I work on it about 15-20 minutes, two days a week. Any more time, is just too much for the children to keep themselves out if trouble.

How my goals went

     I’m not going to mention all 4 goals this week. I did well in all but two areas.

Sugar- I ran out of stevia because of poor planning, so the Sabbath dessert was made with both stevia and coconut sugar.

Psalm 37- I missed two days this week.

     I am really enjoying my study in Psalm 37. This study really is for busy mamas. Being only five to ten minutes a day, I feel like it is still deep enough to get something out of it; something I can take with me and chew on throughout the day. I usually do my study during Blossom’s nap. That is the quietest part of the day. The days I missed were days she did not stay asleep after I put her down for nap.

Here are some notes from my study so far.


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