Sparky’s Preschool Plan

This is the current plan for Sparky’s Preschool. Some of it will change as the year progresses.

Here is our plan book from the Thinking Tree, and this weeks and last weeks plan.


      As mentioned in a previous post, I’m using each days page for a week of plans. This seems to be working well so far.

     I’m using Before Five in a Row as our main curriculum. In the top right hand corner is our book selection for the week. Under assignments are listed the chosen activities for the literature selection. 

       Underneath those are some play time activities for days we are stuck inside or Sparky needs something to do. These aren’t usually related to our book.

     Under Reading Goals are other literature selections chosen by both myself, and Sparky. Sometimes they are related to our Before Five in a Row unit, but not always. I also choose a book from a Montessori book set with textured tracing, and a couple sections from our Spanish book.

     In the Plans for today I’ve placed an items needed for the week, and a list with an activity from each of the following categories: cooking, art, Making the Most of the Preschool  Years by Valerie Bendt, and Preschool Activities in a Bag Vol. 1 & 2 by Paula Reetz and Sherri MacLean.

     In the notes, I’ve written music selections to listen to during the week including foreign languages we want the children exposed to. We also introduce new songs or work on learning songs we have already introduced.

     In chores I’ve put responsibilities we are working on, and jobs Sparky can help me with that week. Below that is a list of workbooks we are currently using. We are using some from The Thinking Tree, Kumon, Melissa and Doug, and DK. We don’t do workbooks everyday or always use all of them in the same day. It depends on how the morning is going and what Sparky’s interest level is.

     For the Kumon tracing and mazes books, we go through each three times. The first time Sparky uses his finger, the second time a pencil, and the third time  crayon.

     We give him lots of time to explore and learn through play and real life. Sparky enjoys helping papa fix the truck and assisting me in the kitchen.

     I plan to use these other pages in the planner for memories, ungoing projects, field trips, and keeping me on track with planning or any preparation I need to do for activities.

     So that is a run down of what we are currently doing for Preschool. We spend about 20 to 45 minutes a day doing school, depending on Sparky’s interest level, how much structure he needs each day to keep out of trouble, and if the weather allows for outside play.


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