Planner: Week 1

Last week I introduced my new planner from the Thinking Tree. I’m part of a Facebook group using these planners, and encouraging each other with our goals for 90 days. I’ve decided to also journal about my experience with the planner, and my 4 goals. My week has only six days because I do not use the planner an the Sabbath.

Day 1 (Important):

One of my 4 things for today was to do sticker books with Sparky. As soon as breakfast was over, he asked to paint. That wasn’t on my agenda for the day, and needed my heavy involvement.


Be flexible. The purpose of doing sticker books was to spend time with my son. I can accomplish the same purpose painting and he is also happy.

Meditation from Psalm 37:

“Do not fret…”

Day 2 (Necessary):

Plan my work carefully. Clean the bathroom while the children play in the tub. Sweep and mop the floors first thing before the children can get toys all over.

Meditation From Psalm 37:

“Rest in Yahweh and wait patiently for Him.”

“Cease from anger and forsake wrath.”

Day 3 (Important):


People are more important then anything I write down to do. Even getting people related tasks done can become more important then the people they are for. Be ok with the interruptions, and the day not going as planned.

Meditation from Psalm 37:

Be thankful because, “The salvation of the righteous is from Yahweh; He is their strength in time of trouble.”

Day 4 (necessary):

There is value in planning ahead. Because I had a plan, I was able to get project supplies for preschool.

Reflection from Psalm 37:

David’s experiences with the wicked.

Day 5 (Important):


Don’t forget to smile.

Reflection from Psalm 37:

The contrast between the righteous and the wicked, and the end outcome for each.

Day 6 (Necessary):


If yesterday didn’t go well; remember today is new. It doesn’t have to be a carry over from yesterday’s bad day. I can choose to make it a good day. Be intentional!

Reflection from Psalm 37:

David’s trust in Yahweh.

My reflections from this week:

Its much easier to focus on the necessary tasks when every other day is focused on relationships and recharging. It feels like on the important days, I’m slowing down to a pace that allows me to enjoy life and my children instead of focusing on getting the work done.

My Goals:

  1. Alkalize:    
  •  No sugar – We made homemade granola and I had some a couple times. It was made with coconut sugar.
  • Use mostly carob – Did well here
  • Drink green lemonade – Had it everyday.

     2. Spend time with Sparky one                on one each day – almost                      missed one day, but realized it            right before supper.

     3. Use the Planner – Did each day

     4. Spend quiet time everyday,                   even if just one verse and a                   few minutes – success here                 also


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