From the Workbasket

Working With The Magic Loop

     I do not like the magic loop method of working in the round. I’m not really sure why, other then that I don’t like having those ears of cording stick out to the side of my work.

     I don’t have much choice when my project starts with 4 stitches, 1 on each double pointed needle. A needle is bound to get twisted around, before I can get far enough that there isn’t anymore risk of twisting.

     Part of the trouble is having to constantly put it down to tend to my littles, and increases only on every other row don’t get me very far before an interruption. Then several rows later I discover the twist too late.

      After several failed attempts, I resorted to the magic loop. It got me far enough that I can now switch to using two sets of cable needles. I’d much rather use two sets, then the magic loop. The cables are less obnoxious that way. Once there are enough stitches, I will start working in the round using one cable needle set. 


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