Mom School

Working in My Mom Journals

     I did learning keys 3 & 4 in the How to Homeschool, booklet this week. A quote from the book that made an impression on me was, “We share what makes us…” That is part of the reason for my blog and the subjects I write about. They are what make me who I am.

Some coloring and up close pictures

In my journal

Close up


     I recorded the goals I’ve chosen to work on with my  mom planner from the Thinking Tree. I’m still waiting for it to come. 

     Writing down what I’m thankful for was good for giving me some perspective after a rough week last week. So far this week is going much better.

     I also wrote down some ideas to try out to see if it helps things go smoother in the mornings, and a list of things to remember to do.

     One of the things I wanted to do was to make a rotating lunch and snack menu for the children, so I’m not trying to figure out spur of the moment what to feed them. I skipped ahead 4 pages to the menu plan page and used it to make my plan. I crossed out the breakfast, dinner, and dessert headings and wrote in headings for the morning, afternoon, and bedtime snack. I put in 5-6 menus with some extra options for flexibility in case I’m out of what I need for that days snack. Later I’ll go back and add some coloring to this page.


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