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The Knitter’s Book of Knowledge/What I’m Reading This Week

     The Knitter’s Book of Knowledge, by Debbie Bliss is my favorite knitting reference. I turn to this book whenever I’m struggling to figure out how to do something in a project.

     The book is made to withstand heavy use with it’s sturdy, thick cover. The pages are more like a heavier cardstock. The book will also lie flat when open so you can work while looking at the technique.

      The clarity of the illustrations is one of the best things about this book. I finally figured out the difference between picking up dropped stitches on the purl side and the knit side, all because of such clear illustrations. I also learned how to pick up a stitch on the very edge, allowing me to rescue a project I otherwise would have had to rip out.

     This book covers just about everything, including beaded knitting; a topic that intrigued me, but I found confusing (Now I know why. There is more then one kind of beaded knitting.). Here is a list of topics from the Table of Contents: Yarns, Needles, Equipment, First Steps, Understanding Knitting, Shaping, Texture, Knitting in the Round, Color Knitting, Embellished Knitting, Finishing, Designing, and Troubleshooting.

What I’m Reading This Week

Sabbath Books:

  1. Methodical Bible Study, Robert A. Traina
  2. The Canon of the New Testament, Bruce M. Metzger


  1. The Principals of Knitting, June Hemmons Hiatt
  2. I started Color Knitting the Easy Way, Melissa Leapman


  1. The complete Tightwad Gazett, Amy Dacyczyn
  2. I finished More Hours in my Day, Emilie Barnes


  1. The Children’s Ketubbah Project, Heidi Cooper
  2. I finished The No-cry Discipline Solution, Elizabeth Pantley
  3. I started Everything You Need to Know About Homeschool Unit Studies, Jennifer Steward


  1.  Study is Hard Work, William H. Armstrong
  2. I started Grading with a Purple Crayon, Dena M. Luchsinger

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