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Letters to My Family/Housekeeping Projects

     This past summer, I read an idea about writing love letters to your babies. I’ve adapted this to writing letters to my children and husband. 

     A few weeks ago I picked up these blue and purple striped, hardcover journals for this purpose. I already had a lovely, padded cover journal for John that was given to us as a wedding gift. One half is for him to write to me and the other for me to write to him. I’d like to use it more regularly then I’ve been.

     My goal is to write one letter to each person every month. Even though my children can’t appreciate this at this time, it will become something precious to them when they are older.

     Hopefully this will help me in an area of weakness – words of affirmation. Of all the love languages, this one is the most difficult for me. I come up blank when I try to find something to say or it comes out the wrong way.

     Since this is John’s love language, it has been important for me to practice and work on improvement in this area. I feel it is also very important for my children to hear me affirm them with words.

     Writing enables me to process my thoughts clearly and to express what I struggle to say in words. I’m hoping that doing this will not only affirm my family members in writing, but also help me to improve with verbal affirmation.

Homemaking Projects:

     Last week I tackled some bigger projects like cleaning out the fridge. I was thankful Blossom took some good naps, because these projects would have been almost impossible with both children under foot.

   I also did a lot of baking, for our family and because we were having company for Sabbath: bread, dessert, coffee cake, meatloaf, and oven fries. Sparky helped with baked goods on Thursday and John took the children with him to the post office on Friday, so I could finish up.

     I’m working at trying to get the children on a more consistent schedule for naps, bedtime, etc. I’m not sure how it is going to go yet. Mostly because John’s schedule is unpredictable and the children are used to him playing with and reading to them before bed.


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