From the Workbasket

Blocking in the Round

     I finished John’s hat this week. I was afraid it wouldn’t fit because I could barely get it over my head. As I said in my previous post when I started this hat, it would stretch in the wash.

     After I washed it, the hat was noticeably bigger, but just to be sure I wanted to block it. I used a small to medium sized mixing bowl from the kitchen to get as snug a fit as possible, an idea I got from Circular Knitting Workshop, Margaret Radcliffe.

     I let it sit overnight. Because I didn’t want the ribbing to dry funny, I wanted to let it finish drying flat. 

     Since wool holds a lot of moisture, it took a couple of days to completely dry. After the first day, it seemed dry to the touch, but was still damp inside.

     Once the hat was dry, I tried it on. It easily went over my head with some stretch to spare. It should fit John perfectly. I can’t have him try it on though. Its a surprise for his birthday coming up soon (If I can manage to keep it a surprise and not give it to him early.).


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