Spiritual Disciplines: The Quiet Time & Bible Study Course Syllabus

    I’m currently in the middle of a course I put together for myself on quiet time and Bible Study. My goal was to find some creative ways to fit Scripture into my daily life as a busy mother of little ones, and to learn to use my study time on the Sabbath more effectively. These goals then lead toward the ultimate goal of growing closer to the Father, and learning to live a life pleasing to Him.

     How successful I’ll be in meeting these goals remains to be seen. I’m still experimenting with what I’m learning to find the best ways to apply it to my current circumstances.


Various projects from Polished Cornerstones, Pam Forster, chapters: A Woman Who Memorizes God’s Word, &  A Studious Woman

Spiritual Disciplines/Quiet Time:

  1. Sweet Journey, Teri MaxwellMaxwell
  2. His Word in my Heart, Janet Pope
  3. Handbook for Personal Bible Study, William W. Klein

Basic Bible Study Skills:

  1. Beauty and the Pig & Beauty in the Heart, Pam Forster
  2. The Navigator Bible Studies Handbook, Navpress
  3. How to Study Your Bible, Kay Arthur, David Arthur, & Pete De Lacy
  4. Independent Bible Study, Irving L. Jensen
  5. Understanding and Applying the Bible, Robertson McQuilkin
  6. The Joy of Discovery, Oletta Wald

Advanced Bible Study Skills:

  1. Methodical Bible Study, Robert A. Traina
  2. Inductive Bible Study Guide, David R. Bauer, & Robert A. Traina
  3. Possible study of the Biblical languages

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