Family Life




     We are entering new territory now with Sparky. It seems we avoided so many typical toddler behaviors like picky eating, but we won’t be avoiding this preschool, growing up milestone

     Sparky is growing up and realizing there is a big world out there, and Papa and Mama can’t control everything. He’s understanding what it means to be afraid.

     Usually this stage is from ages three to five. Sparky will be three in a few months.

     Strange noises,the blinking inverter light in the hallway, and the dark are some examples of what’s been bothering him lately. We are trying to provide support and security. Understanding that this is a normal stage in development, we aren’t trying to make him face his fears. 

     We are teaching him to put his fear into words instead of just getting all worked up. Now he will come and say, “I don’t know what that is,” when he hears a noise he isn’t sure about. He tells us if he needs someone to walk past the blinking light in the hall,needs a flashlight to get his water, or if he just needs to snuggle.

     I’ve noticed if he’s over tired he is much more sensitive to his surroundings and overreacts to his fears.It’s very important to make sure he has a nap if he needs one, and goes to bed at bedtime.

I’m still trying to learn his signals in this area since he isn’t tired enough to nap everyday anymore. Sometimes I missread, but its slowly  getting better.


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