Mom School

A Quiet Hour of Review

     Yesterday afternoon, my little ones napped at the same time (a rare occasion now days). I thought this would be a good chance to work in my mom journal. I found that it has been so long since I’ve worked in it that I needed to review what I’d done previously before leaving off back in the summer. After reviewing, I did a little coloring and reading. The coloring was just what I needed after dealing with sibling squabbles all morning. I find it to be very calming.

     I’m using the Coffee Time Quiet Time Journal and How to Homeschool. I used both colored pencils and gel pens on these pages.

For my books I’m using with the journal, I’ve chosen:

Here are some samples from my review pages:

Here I’m working through the section on the keys to learning.

There are still a couple things on this page I’m wanting to do.

I’m sure Sparky would enjoying doing these again with mama. This page was my first experiment with gel pens.

I’m using the two art books for the drawing time pages in my journal since I would like to learn better drawing skills.

The booklet and journal can be found here along with many others.


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