From the Workbasket

From the Work basket: A Hat for John

     I finished Blossom’s hat and mitt set just in time for our first snowfall. I’ve begun the ribbing section of John’s hat.

     This hat is bigger then I’m used to after quick baby and toddler hats. By this time I would be ready to begin decreasing for the top shaping of those hats. This time I haven’t even begun the cable pattern this hat will have.

     I’m using superwash wool in Dk weight for this hat. The yarn is super stretchy and will stretch more when washed the first time. In figuring my gauge, I had to wash the swatch to be sure the hat won’t be too big after it’s washed. I’m using size two needles for the ribbing and will switch to smaller needles for the main pattern.

     Since purchasing this yarn I’ve learned some things about the process wool goes through to be superwash. Its is either stripped of its scales with a chemical bath or coated with polymer. This is for another post though, so I won’t go any farther into it here, except to say that I won’t be purchasing superwash wool in the future.


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